At present, LCD products have been widely application by customers in many fields such as instrumentation, game machines, fax machines, IC card telephones, mobile phones, information phones, palmtop computers, financial equipment, medical equipment, GPS navigation systems, automotive electrical appliances.

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Hongkong Hengtai is a trusted supplier of liquid crystal display products. Since its establishment in 1996, it has been focusing on serving the industrial field, specializing in the design and production of industrial LCD modules. The products cover monochrome character type liquid crystal display, graphic dot matrix type liquid crystal display, and color TFT display.


Good at customizing various types of LCD screens, ultra-low operating temperature -40, ultra-high temperature products +85, industrial products, widely used in various fields such as electric power, medical treatment, finance, instrumentation, industrial automation, POS terminals, electronic scales, etc. Major customers include Benz, Audi, Samsung, Toshiba, General Electric and other internationally renowned companies.


With the rapid development of the LCD display industry, we will closely follow the development of the world's advanced display technology, be realism the innovation, keep improving!
  • What are the two common technical parameters of LCD displays?

    1. Contrast The control IC used in the manufacture of LCD screens、Accessories such as filters and orientation films,It is related to the contrast of the panel,For general users, A contrast ratio of 350:1 is enough,However, such contrast in the professional field cannot meet the needs of users. C...

  • Why OLED is healthier than LCD

    Less blue light, OLED color display is more comfortable for human eyes and other factors make OLED healthier than LCD. Friends who often visit Station B often hear this sentence: Barrage Eye Protection! In fact, I want to add an eye protection Buff to myself, You only need a mobile phone or a TV ...

  • Touch panel factory Nissha soars daily limit! The impact of the epidemic is limited, and the H1 earnings forecast will rise

    The impact of the novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19, commonly known as new coronary pneumonia) epidemic is limited,Nissha, a large touch panel manufacturer, successfully turned from a loss to a profit last quarter. And raise the forecast for this year’s H1 financial report, Stimulate th...

  • has developed a transparent screen that can be operated without contact

    has developed a non-contact transparent touch screen that can see the other side of the screen, Just wave your finger, No need to touch the screen to operate.With the spread of the new crown epidemic, It is expected to be embedded in anti-spray partitions installed at checkout counters in stores....

  • Introduction to LTPS?

    Low Temperature Poly-silicon (LTPS) was originally a technology company in North America in Japan to reduce the energy consumption of Note-PC displays,The technology developed to make Note-PC appear thinner and lighter, Around the mid-1990s, this technology began to enter the trial stage。The ne...

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